Introducing Myself

The Balanced Property Inspection family! Thanks for visiting my website!  I’d like to introduce myself, my business and what drives me to do what I do.

I realized in 2017, while working as an apprentice appraiser, I really enjoyed working in the Real Estate industry. I loved looking at what made homes unique and understanding what provided value in homes. This part of the Real Estate transaction allowed the bank and buyers to understand the value of the property being purchased to know whether the home was the right purchase. That appraisal opportunity did not happen as planned, but I wanted to keep learning and working in the industry.

I then started a job working for an exterior contractor which helped people rebuild their homes after storm damage. After working in the roofing industry/exterior restoration industry in a few different roles, I wanted to get back into Real Estate and found a need for reliable and thorough home inspectors in the Denver area. Through local connections I met someone who was looking to hire an inspector, and this is how I got my start as a Certified Professional Inspector!

Recognizing the importance of knowledge in the field, I undertook extensive education and training in home inspection from InterNACHI and the International Code Council. From studying current building standards to understanding the complexity of different building techniques and systems over the past 100 years, I equipped myself with the skills and expertise necessary to offer quality services. This commitment to continuous learning is the cornerstone of my company’s success because I want to offer my clients a balanced look at their property. Whether I am looking at the radon, mold test results or the sewer line in a sewer lateral inspection, my goal is to give my clients an understanding of their property so they can make the most informed decisions.

With a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, I decided to officially launch Balanced Property Inspections, my own home inspection company, in early 2023. The week I launched the company was when my wife and I welcomed our first-born son into our family.  I want to differentiate my company by prioritizing thoroughness, transparency, and education. Just as I would inspect my house for my family, I wanted my clients to have the proper information to make the best decision for them and their families. My personal touch and commitment to excellence quickly earned the trust of my clients and real estate agents alike.

Starting any business has come with its own set of challenges, and the home inspection industry is no exception. From acquiring the necessary certifications and radon license to building a client base in a slower Real Estate market, I’ve faced hurdles that tested my resolve. However, it was my tenacity and problem-solving skills that allowed me to overcome these obstacles, emerging stronger and more resilient. I’ve been able to see the needs for new services and continue my offerings and services to continually grow my business.

What sets Balanced Property Inspections apart is its unwavering commitment to a client-centric approach. I understand that purchasing a home is a significant investment, and homeowners need to feel confident in the condition of their property before closing on that property. My inspections go beyond the basics, providing clients with detailed modern reports, educational resources at the end of the inspection, and personalized consultations to address questions and concerns about the property.

As Balanced Property Inspections continues to thrive, I will remain forward focused. I envision expanding the company’s reach, introducing innovative technologies to enhance inspection processes, and furthering community outreach initiatives.

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